New online materials on the Watanabe Collection at the Archive Center for Anime Studies, Niigata University

We are happy to report that the Archive Center for Anime Studies at the Asian Link Research Center, Niigata University has published a detailed website about their ongoing research in relation to the Watanabe Collection, one of their core collections. This comprehensive overview explores not only the story and contents of the collection itself, but also the development of handling intermediate production materials in the anime industry in general, and the various legal implications of these practices past and present especially regarding preservation and research work with such materials.

We would definitely like to encourage everybody to take a look at the contents of the website in detail, as there are a lot of interesting materials available (all in Japanese, however, they are very clear and accessible even when read via online translation services), as well as links to relevant research publications.

Of these many materials, the two things we would like to highlight here are, first and foremost the online availability of the Niigata University Animation Intermediate Material Database (AIMDB), which allows everyone to explore the metadata of the contents of not only the Watanabe Collection, but also the other core collection of the Archive Center for Anime Studies, the Takeda Collection. As discussed here earlier (1, 2) we are looking forward to potentially combining the metadata in the Niigata University AIMDB with the JVMG knowledge graph in the future.

Second, we are also excited for the fact that the video on Kazuhiro Goshima‘s installation Peel-Apart TV Anime from the exhibition “Key Drawings Survived 1980s’ TV Anime” (2022, Niigata University Asahimachi Museum) is now available online. The installation offers not only an artistic perspective on the relationship between intermediate production materials in anime creation and the finished work, but also functions as an unparalleled visual summary and blueprint of the way the various intermediate production materials inform and build up to the final piece.

アニメ中間素材展「原画から見る1980年代TVアニメ」記録映像(2022) “Key Drawings Survived 1980s’ TV Anime “(2022) by 新潟大学アジア連携研究センター