Presenting at FanLIS 2021: Building Bridges

Even though we’ve had a string of awesome conference and workshop experiences over the past half a year, now that things have been slowly restarting after all the pandemic related cancellations and postponements, the FanLIS 2021 Symposium: Building Bridges has left us with a very special warm feeling and excited buzz. The enthusiasm, the positivity and the sense of community was so strongly expressed and felt that it was impossible to not get caught up in the excitement that acted as a constant backdrop to the excellent string of presentations.

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Presence at upcoming conferences and workshops

UPDATE 2020. 03. 14.: Due to the situation regarding COVID-19 both of our upcoming conference appearances have been postponed. The Mechademia Conference will take place next year, and the Building Bridges Symposium will be held on an as yet undecided future date.

We will be introducing our first results at the following upcoming conferences and workshops. If you are interested in talking with a team member about our project, please feel free to contact us.

ICADL2019 and MAGIC Workshop

Our project will be present at the MAGIC workshop in conjunction with the ICADL2019 conference in Kuala Lumpur.

At MAGIC- Information Commons for Manga, Anime and video Games we wish to discuss issues for creating and sharing information about MAG contents and resources. A primary topic is metadata for MAG. Metadata covers broad range of information – from descriptions about a content to a vocabulary to organize MAG resources, and from metadata creation to search and access.