Presenting at Estudios de Anime. Del objeto a las humanidades digitales.

Picture by Ana Soler Baena

On September 15th we took part in the mini-symposium Estudios de Anime. Del objeto a las humanidades digitales (Anime studies. From the object to the digital humanities.) organized by the research group dx5 digital_&_graphic_art_research at the Facultad de Bellas Artes, Universidade de Vigo. This event was a wonderful opportunity to introduce the JVMG project in Spanish for the first time, as well as further develop our collaborations with our Spanish colleagues from both Pontevedra and Barcelona. There is even a detailed report on the mini-symposium in Galician.

The event started with Ana Soler Baena explaining the design process that went into creating the gorgeous Spanish edition of the open access volume Anime Studies: Media-Specific Approaches to Neon Genesis Evangelion titled Estudios de anime: Aproximaciones a Neón Genesis Evangelion desde una perspectiva de medios. Next, Zoltan Kacsuk, José Andrés Santiago Iglesias and Alba Torrents Gonzalez all presented excerpts from their chapters in the volume. Then, Oscar García Aranda, who completed a short but very productive internship with us at Stuttgart, connected his work at the JVMG with new research questions regarding the character designs of the Neon Genesis Evangelion franchise. This was the perfect segue into the closing presentation by Zoltan Kacsuk and Magnus Pfeffer on the JVMG project, to which the slides can be found at the bottom of this blogpost.

Picture by Ana Soler Baena

We would once again like to thank José Andrés Santiago Iglesias and Ana Soler Baena for organizing this wonderful mini-symposium and for their kind hospitality, as well as Alba Torrents Gonzalez and Oscar García Aranda and the enthusiastic audience for making this such an interesting and upbeat event. We are very much looking forward to the next steps in our on-going collaboration with both the dx5 digital_&_graphic_art_research research group and our colleagues from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.