Visiting the Archive Center for Anime Studies

Beginning of June we visited the Archive Center for Anime Studies at the Asian Link Research Center, Niigata University, and met with lead researchers Minori Ishida and Joon Yang Kim. The archive currently houses two collections (the Watanabe Collection and the Takeda Collection) of intermediate production materials – such as storyboards, animation cels, background images, etc. – used in the creation of animation works.

All the production materials are carefully cataloged and ordered in the archive’s filing system to enable ease of look-up for scholars, who would like to conduct research at the Archive Center for Anime Studies. Beyond promoting research on animation the Archive Center’s activity also extends to supporting education and the organization of exhibitions both in Japan and abroad.

Going forward we are hoping to connect the database on the available materials at the Archive Center for Anime Studies with the JVMG knowledge graph to further enable research into animation works and their production process.

We would like to once again thank Minori Ishida and Joon Yang Kim for their kind hospitality and for showing us both a wide range of the materials housed at the archive as well as the database structure of their cataloging system; and we look forward to working together on interconnecting the archive’s catalog database with the JVMG knowledge graph.