Presenting at SWIB 2022

The annual conference SWIB 2022 was held for the 14th time, and the third time online due to the pandemic. SWIB focuses on Linked Open Data in libraries and related organizations, where IT staff, developers, librarians, and researchers meet and learn from each others.

Jennifer Erin Proctor from University of Maryland talked about “On leveraging artificial intelligence and natural language processing to create an open source workflow for the rapid creation of archival linked data for digital collections”. She evaluates an AI enhanced workflow where she combines elements of computer vision, natural language processing, entity extraction and metadata linking techniques to provide new approaches for findability and usability of cultural resources. Slides

Then Patrick Hochstenbach from Ghent University, explained in his talk “Shapes, forms and footprints: web generation of RDF data without coding”, how user are often confronted with a form requiring their personal data like conference tools, bibliography to institutional websites. To avoid this repetitive task he proposed this kind of data should be in a knowledge graph somewhere. He presented an abstract way how RDF data can be read updated an stored in a decentralized way using RDF forms. An entire app can be written just by manipulating RDF resources. Slides

After that we had the chance to present our findings. We found a big discrepancy in query times between SELECT and CONSTRUCT queries, which we presented at ELAG 2022. After further analysis we found, that the serialization method has a huge impact on query times. Serializing e.g. with XML can be up to 20 times slower than Turtle. CONSTRUCT queries were still a bit slower than SELECT queries, less than 2.5 times, when comparing the fastest serialization methods for each database. The difference between databases are still quite big, up to 500 times, when using small querysets. All performance tests were made with our live dataset and queries we work with on a daily basis. Slides

We thank SWIB for the wonderful conference. We hope SWIB next year will be in person again.