Information Commons for Manga, Anime and Video Games, first meeting

We are very happy to report that we held the first Information Commons for Manga, Anime and Video Games meeting on the 12th of March. The participants of the meeting were present and former colleagues from the Ritsumeikan University Center for Game Studies in Kyoto working on the datasets for the Japanese Media Arts Database, members of the startup Animeshon from South Tyrol, and, of course, everyone from the JVMG project.

Following introductory presentations from all three projects, the meeting turned to a string of discussions centered around common challenges facing each team, with the most important topics being:

    • Data transformation into RDF format
    • Entity matching for data from different databases
    • Data quality problems and checking
    • Licensing issues

This first four hour meeting offered us all an excellent opportunity to not only introduce our projects and teams to each other, but also to ascertain that there are quite a few topics we should discuss in further detail. Thus, we decided to have further meetings in the future, which can provide space for in-depth discussions for each of our shared topics of concern.